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Tax Planning

1. Our tax planning aims to minimize taxes today and in retirement.

2. The cornerstone of our process is to evaluate your tax picture at multiple points during the year to identify tax reduction opportunities. Waiting until tax time after the year is complete misses most tax planning opportunities.

3. We evaluate ROTH conversions each year to determine if you would benefit now or in future years.

4. We coordinate the time and amount of income streams (e.g. Social Security, IRA required minimum
distribution, the timing of any taxable gains or losses, etc.)

5. We help you assess charitable giving strategies, private charitable foundations, and donor-advised funds.

6. We work to stay informed of evolving tax laws to help you reduce taxes wherever possible.

Without careful planning, it’s possible taxes will be your single largest expense. And the expectation of lower taxes in retirement is built on what is often a false promise.

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