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How We Are Different

We realize you have choices when choosing a financial advisor. Here is how we feel we are different.

We are independent

We have not home office or parent company influencing our advice.  We work solely as a fiduciary for you and your family.

We provide comprehensive, holistic financial advice

We have the knowledge to assist you in complex financial decisions, and also know when to involve your outside tax and legal experts.

We are fiduciaries

Being a fiduciary means we are legally bound to put your interest before ours and to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

We help your children by offering them ongoing financial education and advice

Imagine if you had the opportunity to learn life’s major financial lessons early in your life.  We want to bring that benefit to your children

We help you address the issues you may face by the aging of your parents

Many of us care for aging parents. We understand the financial issues of elder-care and have tools to help you effectively assist in the management of your parents’ financial affairs.

Our professional tools and technologies

Technology has changed how we invest, plan, and evaluate the economy. Technology does not replace professional judgment but can leverage knowledge for a more significant impact.  We employ industry-leading tools to benefit you and your family.

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