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Our Business Continuation Plan

In the Event of Local Emergency

Through our affiliation with Cambridge and because we duplicate your information in secure, off-site data storage, your client information is accessible in the event of a local or regional emergency or a natural disaster.

In the Event of the Death or Disability of a Key Business Principle of Clifton Capital Partners, Inc.

In the event of the death or disability of Greg Clifton or any other essential advisor within Clifton Capital, a written business continuation plan ensures an appropriately licensed and trained investment representative would be available.  The new advisor would be interim while a permanent owner is selected to guide clients over the longer term. 

During and for up to one year after the new advisor is selected, a trust funded with life insurance would pay the operating expenses of Clifton Capital Partners, Inc.  During this time, clients can meet the new advisor and determine if they wish to remain clients of Clifton Capital. An employee retention plan covers employees so they have secure employment and can remain in place during the transition.

Protecting Your Personal Information

We place utmost importance on the protection of any information you share with us. Regulations prohibit us from sharing your information with any outside party, except in instances where we have your previous authorization, or in those rare instances of being under court order to do so.

We shred any printed documents or reports that contain client names or information. We encrypt any emails sent to you that contain Personally Identifiable Information, and we use data storage services that meet the highest industry standards of data protection and encryption. We also arrange the physical layout of our offices so that computer monitors cannot be seen by visitors who are common areas of our offices.

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