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A Portfolio Designed With You In Mind

You have likely worked hard and have sacrificed for many years to accumulate your wealth.  We believe your money should work as hard as you do.  Let’s work together to design a portfolio that reflects your needs and helps you provide for yourself and those about whom you care most.

  • Addressing investment risk – risk, or ongoing fluctuation, is part of investing. We combine years of investment experience with industry-leading analytic tools to guide us in designing portfolios to meet your goals while striving to minimize fluctuation and avoid undue losses.

  • Generating investment returns – we design portfolios to meet your needs, be that long-term growth, earning more interest on cash reserves, or funding a near-term or distant financial goal.  We match the strategy of each portfolio to your unique objective for those dollars. 

  • Broad diversification and access to special opportunities – with access to nearly every mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF), by implementing stock selection strategies, and with access to alternative investments such as real estate or private equity, we can help diversify your portfolio for potentially better returns while minimizing risk.  Benefit from our expertise and access by allowing us to design an investment strategy customized for your needs.

  • Minimizing costs – ongoing costs can diminish your progress toward your financial goals. We identify expenses within a portfolio and work diligently to reduce these where prudent.

  • Minimizing taxes – taxes are an additional expense that can reduce longer-term investment returns.  There are a number of effective strategies, though, to potentially reduce taxes on portfolio income.   Effective use of these strategies may generate more net spendable portfolio income today, and more long-term wealth for tomorrow.

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