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Making the Work Years Count



Sample Case Study for Nearing Retirement




• Maximize savings and investing
• Reduce income taxes
• Finish building financial assets for a secure retirement

The Challenge:

Marc has been investing for retirement but isn't sure he is on-track.
He has a concerns that a market downturn might push back his retirement date.
Working for a large employer, Marc knows that extending his career may not be in his control.

The Positives in Marc's Situation:

He has invested consistently and established a financial base from which to build.
Marc has invested in a balanced portfolio and participated in market growth.

Next Steps:

An assessment to see if Marc's current actions are likely to result in a financially secure retirement.
Evaluate Marc's 401k investment choices to ensure he is making good choices.
Discuss Marc's goals for his estate and how he would like to impact his children.

Our Analysis for Marc: 

An integrated financial plan to designed to help Marc meet his goals.
Adjust his 401k investments to those designed to reach his specific goals. 
Make an adjustment to his payroll to bring his 401k deposits to the maximum level allowed.
Make use of the ROTH 401k function of his employer-provided plan to build tax-free retirement income.
Consolidate his outside investment and retirement accounts and manage them for more consistent results and lower expenses.
Work with Marc and his attorney to update Marc's will and estate documents.

In Summary:

Marc is on-track to accumulate the money he needs to retire on his terms.
He has confidence in his investment strategy and sees the logic behind our recommendations.
His estate plan is up-to-date, and if something happens to Marc, his kids will inherit his funds with appropriate controls in place.
Marc can enjoy traveling and feels comfortable spending on trips, knowing he is saving adequately for retirement.

These examples are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only. The rates of return do not represent any actual investment and cannot be guaranteed. Any investment involves potential loss of principal.

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