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Designing a Custom Financial Plan

We believe that after a lifetime of diligence on your part, you deserve a financial strategy that is customized to address the major challenges still before you and to help ensure your retirement years are one of the best periods of your life.

Will my investment assets provide income for the rest of my life?

Is my portfolio invested appropriately for my needs? To capture gains, limit my investment risk, and be tax-efficient?

How do I know if I am on track financially to retire?

What steps can I take to reduce my federal income taxes?

How do I know my children or other inheritors will have the financial knowledge to manage the assets they will inherit from my estate?

Do I have the right type and amount of insurance?

We analyze the details of your financial picture and formulate a customized strategy to accomplish your financial goals. We provide you ongoing money management and financial planning advice, empowering you to focus your time, energy, and wisdom on the things of your choosing. To live life on your terms, to experience true freedom, to help shape the next generation, or to affect change in the world by addressing those matters you find most compelling.

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