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Portfolio Management

When considering portfolio management, many people think first about higher investment returns. Our experience teaches us that the first consideration when investing should be that of risk. You have likely worked hard and have sacrificed for many years to accumulate your wealth. Careless decisions or taking undue risk can negate years of effort on your part. Therefore, we focus on the following key items when designing your portfolio or investment strategy.

  • Investment risk – We combine our years of investment experience with industry-leading analytic tools to help ensure investment risk is identified and accurately measured. We share this information with you and work together to see that any risks are appropriate for you and for your tolerance.
  • Appropriate investment returns – By measuring your tolerance for investment risk, and by identifying the investment return required for your portfolio assets to support you throughout your lifetime, we arrive at a portfolio design appropriate for you and your objectives.
  • Minimize costs – Certain costs can have a significant impact on your investment returns and on your longer-term investment accumulation and income. We identify various expenses within a portfolio and work diligently to reduce these where prudent.
  • Minimizing taxes – Taxes are an additional expense that can reduce longer-term investment returns. While there are limited tools available to reduce taxes on the income you earn working, there are a number of effective strategies for reducing taxes on your portfolio income. Effective use of these strategies can potentially generate more net spendable portfolio income today, and more long-term wealth for tomorrow.


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