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As financial planners and investment advisors we partner with clients to help them make informed and effective financial decisions. We believe that your financial success is built by our team gaining a deep understanding of your objectives and then offering guidance through the use of proven advisory processes.

The key aspects of your relationship with Clifton Capital Partners, Inc.:

  • Establish and define our professional relationship:
    Professional relationships work best when we establish a clear understanding of the work we do on your behalf and to minimize any conflicts of interest. We are always happy to discuss the business aspects of our relationship, how and when we are compensated, and what you should expect from our team or from your investments. No question from a client is too personal or too touchy.

  • Gather data:
    We gather information about your goals and objectives, your investment history and tolerance for fluctuation, and your income tax picture, as well as how you would like to impact those around you and ultimately your heirs.

  • Analyze your current strategy and actions:
    Using our professional experience supported specialized tools and technology, we analyze your current financial picture and measure any surpluses and shortfalls against your financial goals. Strengths and weaknesses are identified, as well as areas for improvement. A comprehensive plan of action results.

  • Present an action plan:
    After careful professional analysis, we meet with you to review the findings. We also present an action plan of how to most effectively address any issues we have uncovered. Taking time to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the issues, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of any solutions, is key to moving forward with confidence.

  • Implement plan:
    The next step after your approval of our proposed plan of action is for our team to implement our recommendations. You will be kept fully informed of our progress and will receive clear explanations of each step.

  • Ongoing review and reporting:
    The final step in the wealth management process is to monitor your plan and make any adjustments as necessary to help ensure that you realize your financial goals and objectives. Ongoing communication by telephone updates, our 24/7 online availability of your financial plan and analysis, and regular meetings are all important. As your life changes and evolves, we will see that your financial plan changes with you.