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How We Are Different

We realize you have alternatives when choosing a financial advisor. We would like you to know what makes us different, and how we may be better suited to help you navigate today’s complex financial landscape.

We are independent - This means there is no home office or parent company influencing our advice, or whose objectives might conflict with yours.

We are unique due the clients we serve - Most of our clients have similar financial objectives; most need between $15,000 and $50,000 of monthly income at retirement. The portfolios that would support this lifestyle tend to be larger. Social Security makes up a much smaller portion of the overall income needed, thus making our clients’ financial lives more complex. We have the experience to understand the issues you face and how to solve them.

We provide comprehensive, holistic financial advice - We are experienced in many areas of investing and financial management. We have the knowledge to assist you in complex financial decisions, and also know when to involve your outside tax and legal experts and incorporate their thinking into our advice to you.

We are fiduciaries – Being a fiduciary means we are legally bound to put your interest before ours, and to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise.

We help your children by providing them ongoing financial education and advice – Imagine if, early in your life, you had the benefit of a team of financial experts to provide you with ongoing training and advice. Learn More.

We help you address the issues you may face by the aging of your parents - With longer life expectancies, many of us face the issues of caring for our aging parents. We are experienced in the issues the elderly face and related financial decision-making, and have specific tools to help you effectively assist in the management of your parents’ financial affairs when appropriate. Learn More.

Our professional tools and technologies - Investment research, financial planning, economic evaluation—each of these areas has been profoundly affected by technology over the past decade. While technology does not replace professional judgment or experience, it can be used to leverage these valuable resources. We stay on the forefront of technology in our field and use what we believe are the most effective institutional tools and technologies. This benefits our clients by increasing our efficiency, bringing more accuracy to our work, providing more depth while also more flexibility in our research, and changing our clients’ experience by allowing us to share much of this information with them through high-quality summary presentations. This means you not only stay informed, but have our information available to you 24/7 so it is there when you are ready to review the information.